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New Images For Overwatch’s Sombra Emerge Ahead Of This Year’s BlizzCon

Two new images seemingly pertaining to future content for Blizzard's Overwatch and Diablo III titles recently popped-up on the company's merchandise website, only to be taken down shortly after.

Two new images seemingly pertaining to future content for Blizzard’s Overwatch and Diablo III recently popped-up on the company’s merchandise website, only to be taken down shortly after. The reason for removal remains unclear, but we can only assume the original release was a blunder on Blizzard’s part, with both pieces of art meant to be shown at this year’s BlizzCon, which kicks off this weekend.

Thanks to Destructoid, you can see both aforementioned leaks below, although we imagine the first one will be immediately familiar to those who have been closely following any and all news concerning the next, heavily-rumored DLC character for Overwatch.


Judging by the previous leaks, there’s no mistaking that the individual depicted above is Sombra, the mysterious entity who Blizzard has been teasing for what feels like forever by way of some ARG shenanigans.

As for the second image, it appears to have a distinct air of Diablo III about it, and looks to be showing a new class for the RPG sequel. Assuming the hunch is true, the undead in the foreground and rather grisly appearance of the characters suggests some sort of Necromancy theme. A new class addition for Diablo III would be the first time such content has been introduced to the title since 2014, which saw the release of the Crusader class.


Expect to hear and see more in regards to both titles later this week when BlizzCon kicks off in full. This year’s convention could be Blizzard’s biggest yet – along with potential Overwatch and Diablo III news, it looks like we’ll get the first details on Hearthstone‘s next expansion, too.

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