New Overwatch Hero Game Mode Possibly Leaked


Stoking the Overwatch rumor mill after an Xbox Store listing hinted at a Halloween event, a new image apparently taken from a now-deleted Russian page for the game may have provided an early look at the latest playable hero, the long-rumored Sombra.

Her supposed design can be seen above. A portion of cut-off text also provided some background information, saying that Sombra is one of the world’s most skilled hackers, used to work with Mexican street gangs before going underground, and has now been recruited by Talon, the terrorist organization that existing baddies Reaper and Widowmaker serve. No additional details on her class or unique skills were provided.

Additional details hinted at a new gameplay mode and costumes to possibly go along with the Halloween event, tasking players to protect a castle from “Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.” As another recent leak showed a cover for an upcoming tie-in comic featuring Junkrat in a mad doctor getup with the same name (along with Halloween-ified version of Mercy, Reaper and possibly Roadhog), the two may likely be related.

If Sombra is the real deal, she’ll be the second hero released for the game after its launch in May, following healing sniper Ana’s addition in July. As Blizzard has previously done several promotional ARGs hinting at the character (though never showing a design), it’s entirely possible this image and biography could be part of it. Even if that part turns out to be fake, the latter portion certainly makes sense given the recent Halloween-themed leak.

Blizzard has yet to comment on the matter, but if it’s legit, expect an official reveal sooner rather than later, especially with a recent Overwatch developer diary hinting that a new hero is almost ready.