Leaked Xbox Store Image Seemingly Outs Halloween Event For Blizzard’s Overwatch


Blizzard could be gearing up to announce a limited-time Halloween event for Overwatch in the coming days if a leaked image from the Xbox Store is anything to go by.

The listing, which was spotted by Reddit user ChronosHero (via VG247), appears to be one for promotional Halloween Loot Boxes which come in the form of Jack-o’-lanterns and, assuming the leak is real, will presumably contain spooky new skins and sprays for Overwatch‘s cast.

A start time for the promotion isn’t mentioned, but an end date of November 1 can be seen in the above screenshot. If Blizzard truly is planning to hold such an occasion, we can’t imagine it will be long until the developer makes it official. After all, we’re already a week into October.

This wouldn’t be the first time Overwatch has welcomed celebratory tie-in events to its front lines either: summer saw the likes of Tracer, Lucio and Zarya kitted out in costumes commemorating the Rio Olympics.

See the product description below.

Celebrate Halloween with some frightening treats for your heroes during a new event: Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Trick out your collection by picking up Halloween Loot Boxes, available for a limited time*. Every Loot Box contains up to four cosmetic items, including at least one Halloween skin, spray, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line, or credits that you can use to unlock other items. More than 100 Halloween items are waiting to be unwrapped!

If your Halloween Loot Box contains an item that is already in your collection, you will instead receive coins.

*Halloween Loot Boxes are available to purchase or earn in-game until 11/1/16 at 4pm PT.

If the leak turns out to be legit, you can probably expect Blizzard to make an announcement any day now. As always, we’ll keep you posted.