Blizzard Planning To Release More Story-Related Content For Overwatch This Year

Considering the genre to which Overwatch belongs, I always find it mildly surprising that the story elements for Blizzard’s shooter have such a substantial following. Were Activision or EA to announce a new Call of Duty or Battlefield title tomorrow, the internet’s first burning question would be unlikely to concern either game’s potential narrative elements, but perhaps it’s a testament to just how colorful and unique Overwatch‘s cast is that so many care about them and the world they live in.

Whatever the reasons are, people want more. Much more. As per a thread over on Blizzard’s forums (via VG247), fans have been attempting to catch the developer’s attention in an effort to get at least a hint for when additional story-related content can be expected to surface. Responding to the queries, Overwatch’s lead writer Michael Chu wrote:

Hey everyone!

Like I said earlier, we have a lot in the works, with Orisa and her story being the first release of the year. One of our goals for 2017 is to try to have more frequent story-related updates and content, so we’re very busy with that.

What shape those updates will take remains to be seen, but Chu signs off his post by saying that a “little something else is coming just around the corner, so look out for it!” Without more hints to go on, Chu’s teaser could mean anything, but at least you can rest assured that Blizzard hasn’t forgotten about Overwatch‘s story elements. The last major story update for the title was last year with a web comic focused on Tracer.

With the veil draped over Overwatch‘s next hero having now been lifted, it could well be the case that Orisa will receive a trailer akin to Sombra’s when the character leaves the PTR which, as we’re on the subject, is slated to receive a new patch today. Read more about that here.