Latest Overwatch PTR Nerfs Target Orisa And Ana

A new wave of hero changes for Overwatch‘s PTR server are due to go live at some point today, Blizzard has confirmed via a post over on

Several characters are receiving tweaks this time around, although new character Orisa looks to be the main target for this particular patch. Officially revealed last week, following several hints and teasers as to who Overwatch‘s next hero would be, Orisa is a quadruped robot created by the child genius Efi Odalele. Joining the likes of Reinhardt and D.Va in the tank role, it looks as if the bot is a little too good right now, with the upcoming changes intending to reduce the magazine size of her Fusion Driver while also increasing the cost of Supercharger by 15%.

Ana, too, is having a leash put on her Biotic Rifle and Grenade abilities, which are scheduled to receive a damage and impact nerf respectively. See the full list of changes for both below.


-Biotic Rifle

Damage decreased from 80 to 60

-Biotic Grenade

  • Impact damage reduced from 60 to 30
  • Impact healing reduced from 100 to 50


-Fusion Driver

  • Magazine size lowered from 200 to 150


  • Cost increased by 15%

On the other end of the spectrum, Winston, Zenyatta, Sombra and Junkrat are all in line for some buffs, although the single change being made to the latter could well prove to be the most contentious one of the bunch. Following the patch, Junkrat will no longer be able to take damage from his own explosives. That’s pretty big, considering you’ll often find yourself taking splash damage from your own abilities in close-quarters skirmishes. As for the rest of improvements, the list is pretty lengthy, but you can head over to the announcement post here to peruse them for yourselves.

Blizzard has yet to confirm when Orisa will be available in the live version of Overwatch, but we imagine it will have a date to share sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.