Blizzard Speaks About Diablo 3 On Consoles

Dear Blizzard: please confirm that you’re working on Diablo 3 for our consoles already. The rumors keep circulating and this latest news adds even more reason for us to think that they’re true.

During a press conference at this week’s Gamescom convention, the project’s lead designer Josh Mosqueira said that Blizzard is “very, very serious about bringing the Diablo 3 experience to the console.” According to a report from Eurogamer, his next comment mentioned that the company is “trying to build the best console team at Blizzard,” hopefully with the desire to work on Diablo.

Over the last two years, different reports have come out related to the game’s potential release on consoles. In 2010, Blizzard mentioned that they were “exploring a Diablo-related concept”. Then, earlier this year, CEO Mike Morhaime stated that his company was “doing an investigation” into the possibility of bringing Diablo to consoles.

The most prominent piece of tangible evidence is the fact that the company posted a job listing in June, stating its need for a PlayStation 3 Specialist.

Personally, I’d love to see Diablo 3 on consoles, who wouldn’t? Hopefully all of these rumours end up being true because it’d definitely be my preferred way of playing the game.

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