Bloodborne’s Horrifying Demons Take Center Stage In New Gameplay Clip


IGN has unveiled the latest in a string of gameplay videos for From Software’s upcoming Victorian-era RPG, Bloodborne, with the latest clip turning the attention to the game’s grotesque monsters.

Featuring towering hellspawns with twisted anatomies along with mutated, Resident Evil 4-esque villagers, the footage highlights the latest and greatest enemies that players will go up against in a few weeks time. And though the PlayStation 4 exclusive does feature more fluid gameplay than, say, Dark Souls, encounters does require an element of careful planning and learning from each and every death that you succumb to.

In fact, fans of From’s Souls series will need no reminder that Bloodborne, which is considered to be a spiritual successor to the medieval title, will host an array of challenges as users creep gingerly through the decimated city of Yharnam, the game’s setting.

Earlier this week, we learned more of the core story lurking beneath the gothic, Lovecraftian set-up, not to mention the intriguing Chalice Dungeons feature. Essentially, this procedullary-generated area will lure players into the depths of the city to take on some of the most foreboding enemies in the game, and it’s understood that each dungeon will be wholly unique to every intrepid monster hunter, though you will be able to invite a friend into the arena to aid your plight. Praise the Sun.

According to From Software, Bloodborne is “nearing completion” ahead of its debut on PlayStation 4 come March 24 and March 25 in North America and Europe, respectively.

Source: IGN

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