Borderlands 2 Is Scheduled To Receive Its Mechromancer DLC In Mid-October

According to Eurogamer, Borderlands 2 will receive its fifth (Mechromancer) class as downloadable content on October 16, at an asking price of $10. The website cites Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford as its source, stating that the PR guru revealed the interesting release information during last weekend’s PAX Prime convention.

If you act fast and pre-order yourself a copy of the game before it launches on September 18, you should still be able to secure yourself a free download of the Mechromancer and her robotic augments.

It’s worth doing if you’re set on making the purchase and would like to use the interesting-looking class for a second play through. Take advantage of the pre-order bonus offer while it’s available if you can.

Note: The Mechromancer will not be a part of Borderlands 2‘s recently announced Season Pass offer.