Bound By Flame Has Its Fire-Infused Combat Detailed And Trailered


In Bound by Flame, players will need to be smart about how they take on different types of enemies, as well as who they pick as their unique companion. Mashing the attack button will often lead to a quick death and a forced restart, while approaching fights with a good strategy that includes offense, defense and perhaps even some magical ranged attacks, should allow for a hard-fought victory.

The latest trailer for the RPG goes into more detail regarding the three different combat trees that exist within it. First, there’s the unyielding warrior, which favours heavy handed axe and sword attacks. Next up is the Ranger, whose stealthy tactics allow him to take out unsuspecting enemies before they become a problem. Then, last but not least, there’s the badass Pyromancer combat tree, and its emphasis on using fire as both a weapon and a way to keep enemies at bay. Each of these must be strategically utilized in order to win the game’s visceral, yet challenging battles.

Spiders’ Bound by Flame will be released on May 9, for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a day I’m personally looking forward to, because what I’ve seen from the game so far has been quite impressive.