Bruce Campbell Says Evil Dead: The Game Won’t Release Until February 2022

Evil Dead: The Game

Despite what fans have been led to believe so far, Evil Dead: The Game, Saber Interactive’s co-op/PvP shooter based on the cult film series of the same name, may not be on course to arrive this year at all.

While recent gameplay reveals and even the title’s official website all cite 2021 as the date in which gamers will be able to start chainsawing monsters to pieces as Ash Williams, the character’s actor, Bruce Campbell, seems to think otherwise. During a recent Q&A session at Finger Lakes Drive-In in Auburn, New York to celebrate the first movie’s 40th anniversary, he revealed to the attending crowd that the spinoff looked “surprisingly good” and was scheduled to meet a February 2022 release on consoles and PC.

The footage (link below), recorded by YouTube channel Gammons Gaming (H/T, The Screening Space), while not considered to be an official announcement of any kind, does raise some questions, especially as Campbell is known to be at least somewhat involved in the project via voice work.

Citing Saber’s desire to carry out one more “upgrade” to ensure the end result is as “bitchin’ as any other game out there”, it remains to be seen if Campbell spoke out of turn or, conversely, if a simple miscommunication between all the parties involved has resulted in an inaccurate date being provided.

Should this revised release date be accurate, however, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what constitutes a so-called upgrade. From everything we’ve seen so far, Evil Dead: The Game is shaping up to be an impressive adaptation befitting that of Saber’s reputation but if a short delay is necessary to guarantee it’s as good as can be, fans can likely expect a more detailed statement to be provided shortly, so watch this space.