Every Last Bullet Counts In The Evil Within


The Evil Within isn’t far from dropping, and it’s looking like one Hell of a scary ride. Not only because of its mysterious storyline, creepy locations and fucked up enemy designs, but also because of its lack of ammunition. Yes, you read that right: ammo will be scarce, and you’ll have to improvise if you plan to stay alive.

Bethesda put its marketing budget to good use today, by releasing yet another memorable trailer for Shinji Mikami’s spook show. However, while it’s titled “Every Last Bullet,” its focus isn’t glued to the game’s lack of ammunition. Instead, there’s talk about a few different aspects of the old-school survival horror title, such as its Asylum (a safe place where skills can be upgraded), and the city in chaos in which it’s based.

Still, the main focus is on combat, which requires smarts, stealth and, beyond all, fire. You see, things that look like they’re dead may not be, and it’s best to burn them to a crisp in order to make sure they stay down for good.

With every new trailer, The Evil Within keeps looking better and better, making its October 14th release date very tough to wait for.