Bullets Fly And Aliens Fall In Intense Gameplay Trailer For Housemarque’s Alienation


Finnish developer Housemarque knows its audience. As the creative minds that dreamed up Resogun, the Super Stardust series and Dead Nation, the studio harbors a deep understanding of the addicting and intense nature of twin-stick shooters. And while it’s still unclear whether MatterFall, the all-new IP unveiled earlier this week, will retain that set-up, Housemarque has pulled back the curtain on an intense new gameplay clip for Alienation.

Coming by way of the same team that launched Dead Nation for PlayStation 3 – and its refined definitive edition for PS4 – Alienation is once again a top-down shooter that swaps out shuffling swathes of undead for acid-spewing extraterrestrials. Although the bullet Hell action is placed front and center, the footage also shines a light on the shooter’s three nominal classes: Bio-Specialist, Exoskeleton, and Saboteur.

Boasting the ability to link up with four players via co-op, Housemarque’s foray into sci-fi is currently available to pre-order via the PlayStation Store, though there’s no clear word of a release date at this time. Given that Alienation is further in development than MatterFall, we expect the former to make its bow on PlayStation 4 in the early stages of 2016, while MatterFall will offer a potent change of pace: “It follows an unexpected hero fighting for survival on a ravished sci-fi world infected by a mysterious and deadly alien material known only as “Smart Matter.”

While there’s no specific release date set in place, Housemarque hinted that Alienation will touch down on PlayStation 4 in March of 2016 – at least, that’s the current window that Sony is targeting. In the meantime, you can go up close and personal with the bullet Hell shooter via the gallery below.