Bungie Believes Destiny Still Has “Huge Amount” Of Potential; Ice-White PS4 Hardware Bundle Revealed


Love it or loathe it, Bungie’s Destiny has irrefutably carved out a loyal and dedicated following across a myriad of platforms. However, after releasing the base game along with two post-launch expansions, the creative team has no plans to rest on their laurels, and Lead Designer Luke Smith has hinted at the “ridiculous amount of work” still do to as they massage the IP into a bona fide franchise.

Speaking on PlayStation’s maiden Conversations with Creators roundtable, Smith touched upon the status of the shared-world shooter, and hinted that something big is on the horizon beyond September’s The Taken King.

“I actually don’t think there are many, or any, people on the Bungie team who look at Destiny as a job well done. It’s like a job in progress that has a ridiculous amount of work in front of us and huge amount of potential that we haven’t met at all in a bunch of ways,” Smith added. “We’ve met it in other ways, but that potential is the thing we’re still chasing.

“We have to make Destiny, the franchise, into something that rises up to meet the potential that people imagine when they sit down and they hear [hums theme song].”

PlayStation’s Destiny-themed video was hosted yesterday, which just so happened to be Bungie day, an annual event that turns the attention to the studio’s legions of followers. To celebrate, the company unveiled a really rather special PlayStation 4 hardware bundle for the shooter.

Pictured below, the limited edition package features a glacier-white PS4 emblazoned with the game’s sci-fi markings. Featuring a 500GB model, the console will debut alongside The Taken King when it releases in September, and will also bundle in both of the previous expansions – The Dark Below and House of Wolves – to boot.

The Taken King, the third and biggest content pack thus far, will launch for Destiny on September 15. Until then, feast your eyes on the limited edition PlayStation 4 hardware bundle down below.


Source: Sony

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