Bungie Confirms Destiny For PS3 And PS4, PlayStation Exclusive Content

Bungie has confirmed that their upcoming persistent-world first-person shooter, Destiny, will not only launch for the PlayStation 3 but will also come in a next-gen PlayStation 4 flavor. Additionally, the studio confirmed that both PlayStation versions of Destiny will include “exclusive in-game content”. Unfortunately, the studio failed expand on that thought, so we have no idea exactly what kind of deal they have struck with Sony.

Details about the online-required shooter are still in short order, however, Bungie did provide a new trailer for the PlayStation 4 event that reveals a few bits and pieces of new gameplay footage. Even if you have no intention of buying Sony’s next-gen console, this new Destiny video is worth the time to checking out.

For those who might have missed Destiny‘s reveal, the game’s story is set on a future version of Earth long after an unknown enemy destroyed most of human civilization. No one remembers what exactly happened or who attacked us, but they do know that those who survived “own their lives to the Traveler” — a mysterious sphere that continues to orbit low over the Earth “keeping silent watch”.

In the years that followed humans built the last remaining city on Earth in the shadow of the Traveler. Now they have “begun to venture back into the wilds, only to find that [they] are not alone.” Strange and dangerous creatures now occupy the rest of the world, “and they are pressing hard against the city, probing for a weakness” in an attempt to kill off all that remains of human civilization.

It’s at this moment that Destiny takes place. Players choose one of three announced classes, customize their character, and take the on the role of a “guardian of the city” who is able to “wield some of the Travelers’ incredible power”.

We still don’t know exactly when Destiny will launch, however, Activision has made it clear that we will not see the shooter on retail shelves before 2014. Check out the new video below, and we will let you know as soon as any additional information is announced.