Bungie Confirms Destiny’s House Of Wolves Will Launch Without New Raid Mission


Before Guardians got too excited about the revelation that House of Wolves, Destiny‘s sophomore expansion, would debut on May 19, Bungie has confirmed that the forthcoming add-on will release without a new Raid mission.

The studio broke the somewhat disappointing announcement through a blog update, where it revealed that a third Raid will make its way to the shared-world shooter sometime after the launch of House of Wolves.

Per Bungie:

House of Wolves will not have a Raid activity. We didn’t make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year. House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill – a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders.

Given the intricate nature of the Raids, not to mention the extensive amount of design and play-testing that they must demand, it’s understandable that the studio is forgoing one on this particular occasion. As a substitute, The Prison of Elders certainly sounds like an interesting addition on paper, and it could provide the title with the new lease of life it so craves now that the majority of players have already powered through the available content.

Incorporating strategic gameplay against high-level bosses, Destiny‘s Raid missions are essentially MMO-esque dungeons built with six Guardians in mind — though that hasn’t prevented the shooter’s ardent users blazing through the skirmish on their lonesome. To date, Bungie’s title has two Raid mission in the form of Vault of Glass and the rather underwhelming Crota’s End, which shipped in tandem with December’s The Dark Below expansion.

Tell us, does this news affect your excitement for House of Wolves? Indeed, do you still hop into Destiny on a regular basis? Give us your thoughts down below.

Source: Bungie