Bungie Details Destiny’s New PvP Multiplayer Mode Trials Of Osiris



Ahead of the release of House of Wolves, Bungie has took to its official blog to provide budding Guardians with all the information they need relating to Destiny‘s new-fangled end-game feature, Trials of Osiris.

Essentially, the multiplayer facet will be added to the shooter’s Crucible section, introducing ardent players to an all-new PvP mode. However, as the developer notes in the excerpt below, newbies need not apply.

  • Trials of Osiris is a special Crucible event in the House of Wolves
  • This new PVP endgame activity features an Elimination gametype
  • Every weekend, the event will take place on a different map
  • Form a three-player Fireteam and matchmake against opponents
  • Win more games to unlock better rewards
  • Lose three games and your Trial is over
  • You can enter as many times as you wish
  • Each event runs from Friday until the weekly reset
  • See Brother Vance in the Reef to test yourself!

Similar to the previous Iron Banner event, Bungie will stride to keep things fresh by shifting the action to a new multiplayer map each weekend, with Trials of Osiris opening its doors for elite Guardians every Friday. Players will be required to split into teams of three, before locking horns with another Fireteam. Lose three consecutive games, though, and your stint in the arena is over until the following week. High risk, high reward essentially, with Bungie promising an array of eye-catching Rare and Exotic weaponry as prizes for victory.

All of this information was filtered through the studio’s Twitch channel, where it plans to detail House of Wolves‘ Prison of Elders feature next week, too. Check back with We Got This Covered when we’ll have a detailed breakdown of this end game activity.

Take heed, Guardians, for Destiny‘s House of Wolves will launch for all of the galaxy’s denizens on May 19.

Source: Bungie

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