Bungie Preps Heavy Ammo Bug Fix For Destiny; Xur Weaponry Revealed For January 30



In its weekly update, Bungie has finally announced plans to rectify one of Destiny‘s longstanding bugs: the heavy ammo glitch that causes Guardians to lose all of their coveted purple ammunition upon death or when entering a cutscene.

Given the rarity of heavy ammo across the solar system, it’s a wonder it took the studio so long to target the persistent bug, but according to the post on the shooter’s blog, it’s a problem that has been between Bungie’s crosshairs for some time.

“Fixing bugs in a live game is always about managing risk. What are the chances that the fix is going to cause an issue that might be worse than the original bug? Players outnumber our testers by factors of several thousand, so if there is a problem that slips through the cracks, it is virtually guaranteed that the community will find it. This bug was mainly risky because it was at the intersection of a lot of different systems: player profiles, investment, sandbox, perks, and weapon management.”

Essentially, the issue can be traced to Destiny‘s in-game perks, with a player’s attributes affecting the amount of heavy ammo that they can hold at a given time. And while Bungie has acknowledged the issue, it’s understood that a permanent fix won’t make its way into the shared-world shooter until closer to the end of February.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. But now that we’re standing on the precipice of another weekend, the studio has revealed Xur — Agent of the Nine’s selection of exotic items that will become available from today, January 30.

Check out the latest Destiny wares on offer over the weekend:

Mk. 44 Stand Asides [Exotic Titan leg armour] – 13SC
Don’t Touch Me [Exotic Hunter gauntlets] – 13SC
Starfire Protocol [Exotic Warlock chest armour] – 13SC
Dragon’s Breath [Exotic rocket launcher] – 17SC
Exotic Shard – 7SC

And here’s the list of upgraded Exotics:

ARMOUR – Mask of the Third Man, Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Helm of Inmost Light, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, Sunbreakers
WEAPONS – Suros Regime, Thorn, Universal Remote, Pocket Infinity, Ice Breaker, Super Good Advice

Source: Bungie

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