Butch Revealed As Mew-Genics’ Final Shady Character

Team Meat wrapped up their “Caturday” announcements over the weekend, revealing Butch as the fifth and final character in their upcoming game Mew-Genics.

Butch is described as a character who is “into some shady stuff” and is obviously the game’s antagonist, as evidenced by his sinister black mask, pencil mustache, and evil sneer. Team Meat also points out that “nothing he does is legal and if he has his way nothing you will do will be legal either”. The announcement also mentions his “scratches”, but doesn’t say where they came from. Considering Mew-Genics‘ subject matter, we are guessing that they are the result of some less than friendly run-ins with the business end of several cats.

With all five Mew-Genics‘ characters now revealed Team Meat has promised that all future updates will deal with more informative aspects of the project, including; game design, music gameplay features, and release platforms. As soon as any details are announced as to what exactly this game is, and when we can play it, we will let you know.

Source: Team Meat