Capcom’s Celebrating Halloween With New Resident Evil Browser Game

Resident Evil 2

It might not be a fully-fledged triple-A release à la Resident Evil 2, but Capcom has managed to cook something up for fans of the survival horror franchise in time for this year’s Halloween.

Up to its old tricks as always, the nefarious Umbrella Corporation has found itself short on test subjects as of late and decided to start kidnapping teens straight off the streets. Not even vast stashes of cash are enough to entice civilians into playing the company’s perverse games, it seems, but what it can buy is a giant complex filled with death traps around every turn. It’s here that you’ll start your journey and, if you’re lucky, escape to live another day.

You can grab your first look at the browser-based game via the gallery below, simply titled Escape For Halloween.

If that image screams familiarity to you, it’s due to the obvious thematic similarities between Escape For Halloween and upcoming Resident Evil spinoff Project Resistance. Whether the two are related in any way canonically remains to be seen, though the more likely scenario is simply that Capcom is using the former to drum-up hype for the upcoming title. Akin to the latter, this seasonal affair is the result of a ‘Mastermind’ unleashing devious experiments on unsuspecting participants and is presented in the form of a multiple-choice adventure.

Having tried several times myself (and succumbed every time to a zombie or its undead dog) to escape Umbrella’s facility, I’ve yet to find any rhyme or reason to the experience. Blind luck seems to be the most efficient means of progress, then, and you can have a crack at making it through to the end yourselves by hitting the link below.

Anyone who does so will be rewarded by having their results retweeted by Capcom over on Twitter. Good luck!