Capcom Confirms Multiple Maps For Resident Evil: Resistance


Jill Valentine’s reimagined campaign may be the main attraction for Resident Evil 3‘s imminent return, but this year’s entry is far from an exclusively single-player affair.

While Capcom never confirmed as such, last year’s reveal of Resident Evil: Resistance (then known as Project Resistance) was presumed to be a standalone adventure meant as a stop-gap between numbered sequels. As it turns out, however, the developer had always planned for the multiplayer experience to accompany its latest remake as a dedicated online component. The mode, which adopts an asymmetrical format similar to that of horror games like Dead by Daylight, pits four survivors against a Mastermind and tasks the former with escaping a zombie-infested compound by any means necessary.

Adversely, the Mastermind’s mission is to hamper the survivors from achieving their objective and has access to a number of abilities, including taking direct control of the fearsome Mr X. How much longevity the experimental gameplay experience ends up having remains to be seen, of course, though judging by a recent interview, Capcom seems keen to make Resistance stand the test of time.

Speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu, Resident Evil 3 producers Masao Kawada and Peter Fabiano confirmed that players can expect “multiple” Resistance maps to be available from launch in April, though the pair stop short of specifying an exact number or, for that matter, whether it plans to add additional locations post-launch.

Chances are, the studio will likely hold off on dedicating further resources to supporting Resistance until fans have had time to experience it for themselves. Should the reception be positive and requests for more content come flooding in, I imagine Capcom will respond in kind.

For now, though, you can get a headstart on the competition ahead of Resident Evil: Resistance‘s release on April 3rd by watching footage of a full-length match over here. Enjoy!

Source: Famitsu