Capcom Promises New Resident Evil Village Details Later This Month

resident evil village

If you, like millions of other horror lovers, were disappointed by the lack of Resident Evil Village details last month, Capcom’s got good news.

As announced earlier today over on Twitter, the developer confirmed that the highly anticipated sequel will be present at this year’s Tokyo Game Show which, like the entirety of 2020’s video game event calendar, is going fully digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It won’t quite be the same convention that attendees are perhaps used to, then, but organizers are promising a big show filled with the usual announcements and trailers from Japan’s huge pool of talented studios.

In addition to the above, Capcom also acknowledges that some fans may have been left feeling disappointed by August’s no-show, which it had previously stated would be when to expect a new trailer, offering an apology in its stead. The full statement reads as follows:

Resident Evil Village will be part of Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online and Capcom’s own TGS LIVE 2020! We know that gamers were excited to learn more in August so we apologize for the delay. Stay tuned.

It remains to be seen, then, if the preview pencilled in for September is the same as that originally slotted in for last month, or whether the delay means Capcom’s had time to put something more sizeable together. It’s far too early to be talking about playable demos, of course, but we could well be privy to confirmation of a specific release date. Either way, prolific Resident Evil leaker AesthethicGamer doesn’t appear to be concerned about the project, teasing in their latest update on Twitter that the eighth installment will “most likely be great.”

Less promising, however, is their claim that “RE4 [remake] is in a bit of a worrying position right now.” What exactly that means isn’t clear, as the reliable whistleblower declines to elaborate further, though one can only assume that development on the project has encountered some sort of roadblock. Watch this space for more.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.