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Capcom Releases Official Resident Evil Perfumes For 25th Anniversary

Capcom's latest attempt at celebrating the Resident Evil franchise's 25th anniversary has resulted in the creation of a limited-edition line of perfumes.

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No, you haven’t unknowingly traveled back in time to April 1st, Capcom’s latest attempt at celebrating the Resident Evil franchise’s 25th anniversary has resulted in the creation of a limited-edition line of perfumes. The publisher’s latest addition to its online store reveals three options in the range, all of which are scents based on characters from the games. In no particular order, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine have received the honor (or dishonor, depending on your stance concerning video game merchandise) of having their musk bottled and distilled into a real-world odor, which we can only imagine smells like rotting corpses of the undead.

Truth be told, we’ve no way of learning how pleasant each is when it hits the nostrils, as currently, all three appear to be available only in Japan and join other, similar products based on other Capcom IP, including Phoenix Wright and Devil May Cry. On the off-chance you still don’t believe what you’re reading, check out the collection for yourselves in the gallery below.

This, let’s call it unique, venture follows a number of releases so far this year aimed at marking the survival horror’s quarter-century birthday bash, including the core video game series’ latest installment, Resident Evil Village. Having already notched up millions of sales since its launch back in May, Netflix attempted to capitalize on Village‘s success earlier this month with the release of Infinite Darkness, an animated mini-series featuring the aforementioned Leon as well as Claire Redfield.

This will be followed at a later date with both a live-action adaptation starring Lance Reddick as the villainous Albert Wesker as well as a feature-length film reboot. The latter, directed by Johannes Roberts, is said to retell the events of the first three Resident Evil games and is scheduled to open in theaters on November 24th. See here for all the latest details.

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