Capcom Releasing Several Major Games Between Now And March 2021

Resident Evil

Capcom has been hitting one home run after another as of late with the likes of Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2‘s fantastic remake, but what’s next for a publisher that’s arguably already achieved peak performance? Well, more of the same certainly can’t hurt and that’s exactly what it intends to deliver going forward.

As per its most recent earnings call, the Japanese company, while not specifically mentioning any unreleased projects it currently has in the works, outlines plans to release “multiple major titles” between now and March 2021. It’s worth noting, of course, that delays and unforeseen circumstances can always result in setbacks, and it remains to be seen whether the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have any impact on those plans moving forward.

As for the identity of these mysterious titles? Well, there are a few possibilities, to say the least.

The first and most obvious candidate is undoubtedly Resident Evil 8. Long has the series’ eighth installment been rumored for release early next year, with subsequent leaks claiming to have inside knowledge of gameplay and development suggesting that the sequel is coming along nicely. Things start to get a little hazy after that though as, truthfully, Capcom has remained remarkably quiet in regards to its future plans so far this year.

New entries in the Mega Man, Dead Rising or Street Fighter franchises, to name just a few, are definitely possible, though we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what transpires. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what major title you’d like to see Capcom work on next (whether it be a remake, sequel or even an entirely new IP) in the usual place below!