Resident Evil 8: Village Reportedly Releasing In Early 2021, Chris Redfield Returning

Resident Evil

A huge number of new leaks concerning Resident Evil 8 have surfaced.

The sequel, yet to be confirmed by Capcom, has long been rumoured to be in development, with hearsay prior to today’s information dump pointing to yet another soft reboot and the most drastic divergence for the series to date. Is there any truth to such a rumor? It’s too soon to say, though new emails recently received by fansite Biohazardcast from one source are certainly beginning to tip the scales in favour of highly plausible.

As per the latest correspondence supplied by an anonymous whistleblower, Resident Evil 8 will be subtitled Village and will be set primarily somewhere in Europe. As with Resident Evil 7, they say, the game’s title will adopt a Roman numeral styling, with the number VIII being incorporated directly into the header. Check out a visual representation of what that could look like via the gallery below, courtesy of Biohazardcast.

As for gameplay, the source corroborates previous rumors that Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters will return as co-protagonists of the eighth installment, with the latter said to be on the run from an enigmatic witch-like entity that’ll pursue Winters throughout the campaign. Furthermore, Capcom is said to be working on a revamped inventory system believed to be a hybrid of Resident Evil 4 and 7, though no specifics are shared beyond that. Psychological horror elements such as supernatural beings, hallucinations and illusions will also be present, meant to make the player question what is (and isn’t) real.

Sadly, the deluge of new details comes to an abrupt end there, though if true, we imagine it won’t be long until Capcom makes Resident Evil 8 official. Until then, however, take everything up to this point with a generous pinch of salt.