10 Lesser Known Characters Who Should Be In Justice League


With as many times as a Justice League movie has been discussed and then trashed, it’s hard to buy into one actually being made, let alone being made well. Still, it looks like Warner Bros. is finally going to make this happen and they’re going to do it with Zack Snyder at the helm. The fact a film is being made certainly doesn’t mean that it’ll be good though, and the only thing worse than never seeing a Justice League movie at all would be to see a terrible one end up in theatres.

Marvel has obviously found success with their films in recent years and were even able to do a team-up flick worthy of all the heroes in it. Now that they’ve succeeded with the more common characters, they’re finding ways to get creative, going as far as a movie featuring a gun-toting raccoon. Marvel has definitely set the standard, but how will DC answer?


It’s safe to assume that Justice League will include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. It’s also almost guaranteed that Flash, Green Lantern, and the Green Arrow will be involved in some capacity. The question now, is, how can Warner fully utilize the vast array of DC characters at their disposal?

With this question in mind, we here at We Got This Covered set out to select some lesser-known DC characters who would be quality additions to Justice League. While there’s obviously not room for all of them, we think that adding any of them would put Warner Bros. well on the way to creating an excellent film.

So, without further ado, read on for 10 lesser known characters who should be in Justice League.