13 Films That Will Inspire You To Do More With Your Life

Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street

“I learned it from watching the movies” may seem like a humorous statement, but Hollywood has been imparting life lessons since its early days. From epic tales of warriors fighting tooth-and-nail to throw off the chains of oppression to stories of individuals taking smaller but emotionally monumental steps to better their own existences, the quest for the good life has propelled many a movie hero forward.

To us watching at home, it can be genuinely inspiring to watch these characters battle for freedom or struggle through personal obstacles, coming out better in some way on the other side. Few of us will ever stand before a Scottish army and scream, “They’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!!!” But the staggering impact that Braveheart had and still has on audiences suggests a deep connection to the idea of rising up and giving one’s all in the pursuit of something greater. That’s an idea that many took from Braveheart and applied to their own lives – that one should always strive towards something more, even in the face of great hardship.

That film is just one of many movies that has pushed us beyond, compelled us to do more in our off-screen lives (even if we couldn’t replicate the characters’ achievements on-screen). And in fact, it didn’t even make our list. Look below, for We Got This Covered’s exploration of 13 films that will inspire you to do more with your life.