Capcom Says Resident Evil 3 Remake Won’t Be Getting Any DLC

Resident Evil

With a number of major story events and gameplay elements from the original Resident Evil 3 notably missing from this year’s remake, many fans have been left feeling somewhat disappointed by Jill Valentine’s reimagined escape from Raccoon City. RPG-lite choices when encountering Nemesis and the entire clock tower section are perhaps two of the most notable absentees lost in translation during the remake’s development, with the hope being that such missing content could potentially be restored down the road in the form of DLC.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to be the case, according to producer Peter Fabiano. Speaking to Siliconera in a recent interview encompassing the entirety of Resident Evil 3‘s development process, Fabiano, when asked if any tweaks and/or updates are in the works, responded by labelling the sequel a “finished product.”

That’s not quite the same as definitively ruling out any future content, of course, but Capcom clearly has no desire or intention to make any further changes to Jill’s campaign or, for that matter, any other aspects of the title. If you were holding out hope for a return of Mercenaries Mode, it’s probably best you start chasing another dream sooner rather than later.

It’s worth noting, however, that Resident Evil Resistance – the multiplayer spinoff included with all copies of RE3 – appears to be considered a standalone experience, so Fabiano’s comments likely don’t encompass the asymmetrical affair. Since launch, in fact, NeoBards’ externally developed addition to the franchise has received a number of updates, including new Masterminds and playable characters. If you’ve yet to jump in and have a go at surviving Resistance‘s high stakes game of cat-and-mouse, you can find more information here.

As for the future of mainline Resident Evil, an eighth installment in the series is rumored to be getting an official announcement quite soon. See here for the latest developments.