Resident Evil Resistance Screenshots Showcase Characters, Enemies And More


Multiplayer survival horror experience Resident Evil Resistance is shaping up to be quite the welcome accompaniment to Resident Evil 3‘s upcoming remake.

The mode, an asymmetrical affair that pits four survivors against one malevolent Mastermind, was first announced back in the fall of last year as, what was then presumed to be a standalone spinoff. Thanks to the long-awaited reveal late last year of Jill Valentine and the fearsome Nemesis’ return, however, we now know that not to be the case. For that reason alone, fans have been infinitely more receptive to Capcom’s decision to continue trying its hand at new ideas and fortunately, early impressions point to it being a worthwhile venture indeed.

Final judgement will be reserved until release day, of course, but with the amount of content being lavished on Resistance – multiple maps, Masterminds and playable characters to choose from – it certainly seems as if the developer is doing everything in its power to bolster longevity. As a neat surprise included alongside yesterday’s avalanche of new Resident Evil 3 details, a ton of new screenshots for Resistance have been released, all of which you can check out via the gallery below.

Chances are, what you’re looking at represents just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Resistance‘s overall content offering, though it remains to be seen if Capcom has any post-launch DLC plans in place. The number of survivors and masterminds to choose from is, as of writing, currently equal at four apiece, so it could be the case that the focus from here will be on providing new environments to explore and escape.

We’ll keep you abreast of any further developments on that front but for now, you can head over here for a more detailed summary of all the major players so far confirmed for Resident Evil Resistance.