New Resident Evil 3 Screenshots Reveal More Returning Enemies


Bad news, arachnophobes: Resident Evil 3 is bringing back one of the series’ most grotesque creatures and yes, they’re of the eight-legged variety. Despite being cut from last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake – Leon and Claire originally encountered the mutant spiders in the sewers beneath Raccoon City – Capcom is upping the ante this time around by populating the doomed mountain town with all sorts of inhumane byproducts of the Umbrella Corporation’s experiments.

You already know about Nemesis, of course (there’s a host of new images showing off the Tyrant too, by the way), but besides the rank and file zombies Jill will be encountering above ground, a whole menagerie of gruesome nightmares lurk underneath. Check out the gallery below – if you dare – for your first look at the oversized arachnids (is that armored plating!?) as well as several other monstrosities that we’ll do our best to identify after the break.

So spiders are definitely in, then, but what else? Well, the dim lighting makes it somewhat hard to make out, but one image appears to show off the so-called Deimos. The enemy type has only ever appeared in the original Resident Evil 3 and is the result of a flea consuming large amounts of the T-Virus. As is their nature, Deimos are able to latch onto any poor soul unfortunate enough to wander into their path and literally suck them dry of blood.

Alongside screenshots released over the weekend that appeared to confirm the return of Hunter Gamma, it seems as if the reunion party is essentially complete. It’s worth noting, however, that we’ve yet to see the worm-like Grave Digger in action, though Capcom has already said previously that the species will return for the remake.

And that’s that. You’ll be able to engage in meet and greets with all of Resident Evil 3‘s native inhabitants on April 3rd or, if you can’t wait that long, potentially encounter a handful via the recently announced demo coming soon. See here for all the details.