Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 3 Demo Coming Soon


Struggling to contain your excitement over the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 3‘s long-awaited remake? Unfortunately, we haven’t brought you the news that Capcom has pushed up the title’s release date, but it has revealed the next best thing.

Making the announcement over on Twitter earlier today, the developer has confirmed that fans will have the opportunity to experience Jill’s reimagined escape from Raccoon City and the fearsome Nemesis ahead of April with a playable demo. Sadly, no mention is made of the specific arrival date, though with the full game now just a few weeks away from hitting the shelves, we’re willing to take a stab in the dark and say you can likely expect it to drop on consoles and PC within the next fortnight or so.

As for what you can expect to experience in the gameplay snapshot, Capcom is again remaining tight-lipped, though if the demo preceding the release of last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake is any indication, it’ll likely cover the opening moments of Jill’s campaign.

Speaking of which, players were limited to a strict 30-minute playtime in the latter, with repeated playthroughs prevented via a lockout after just one go. Steam users eventually managed to bypass the arbitrary limit, of course, though quickly discovered that Capcom had intentionally removed the majority of the full game’s files in order to account for such exploits. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see if the studio opts to follow the same path with Resident Evil 3 and, for that matter, whether it’ll include the option to play Resident Evil Resistance.

Last we saw, the asymmetrical multiplayer mode was shaping up to be a welcome addition to the originally single-player only affair, with a bevvy of new details – including confirmation of two new so-called Masterminds – revealed just last week. For all the juicy details on that front, see here.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.