Resident Evil Resistance Reveals New Maps And Masterminds


While longtime fans of the series will already know exactly what to expect of Resident Evil 3 remake’s reimagined campaign, the same can’t be said for its accompanying multiplayer experience.

An asymmetrical affair that pits four survivors against one all-powerful Mastermind (all player-controlled), Resident Evil Resistance is shaping up to be an excellent accompaniment to Jill Valentine’s struggle to escape Raccoon City and the clutches of Nemesis and today, Capcom has decided to share a wealth of new details for the mode, including two new maps and aforementioned Masterminds. We’ll get to the specifics in just a second, but first, you can check out the gallery below for a first look at Alex Wesker and the granddaddy of Umbrella himself, Ozwell E. Spencer.

As with both previously revealed Masterminds Daniel Fabron and Annette Birkin, Spencer and Wesker will have access to their own special abilities and playstyles.

Alex Wesker -not to be confused with her quasi-sibling Albert – encourages an indirect approach to dealing with her prey, with an emphasis on traps and progress hindering roadblocks. As with Fabron and Birkin, Wesker can call on her own signature monster to dish out real damage which, in this instance is the vicious carnivorous plant, Yateveo. As for Spencer, the hands-off CEO of Umbrella prefers to utilize technology rather than bioweapons to do his dirty work, employing a Disintegration Field that fries any Survivor hapless enough to stumble through it.

Two new maps, Casino and Abandoned Park are also detailed in the press release, both of which will have wildly differing layouts requiring different strategies to escape to that of the original facility complex shown off in previous gameplay trailers.

Unfortunately, no gameplay of any of the above in action accompanies the announcement, but with Resident Evil 3 and, by extension, Resident Evil Resistance, only several weeks away, we imagine it won’t be long until Capcom has even more to share, so watch this space.

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