Capcom Reveals Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu’s Shoe Size

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village hides untold secrets within its borders, but there’s one above all that fans of a certain character needn’t wait until release day to receive some insight into.

Lady Dimitrescu, otherwise known as the Tall Lady due to her abnormal height and general stature, has captured the imagination of many thanks to her striking appearance, prompting an avalanche of fan art to sweep over the internet. Some of this, shall we say, is strictly NSFW (use your imagination), while others whose minds aren’t eternally in the gutter have opted simply to put pen to paper to create more presentable works. Capcom, meanwhile, has been made very much aware of what it claims to be an unexpected degree of popularity and has since seen fit to share several details about the character, including her actual height.

But why stop there? Thanks to some continued prodding by IGN, the developer has conceded even more information about the castellan, including her shoe size. At 44cm (17.3 inches), Dimitrescu’s soles are borderline double that of the average for women and, according to the site, larger than the Guinness World Record holder Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez, whose own trotters are just shy of 4cm smaller.

As for the cause behind this abnormal growth spurt, art director Tomonori Takano stops short of divulging any major story spoilers, though we’re willing to go out on a limb and theorize that it has something to do with human experimentation. That is, after all, the series’ shtick, though it’ll nevertheless be interesting to learn the circumstances that led to her literal rise.

With the original Umbrella Corporation long since dead and buried, our guess would be that The Connections – a group responsible for the creation of Resident Evil 7‘s Eveline – has a hand in whatever’s going on behind the scenes, but we’ll just have to wait and see what answers yield themselves when Resident Evil Village launches next month, on May 7th.