Captain Cold Takes No Prisoners In Latest Injustice 2 Trailer


NetherRealm Studios has rolled out a further trailer for Injustice 2 this week that spotlights the supervillain Captain Cold. Briefly introduced last week via a video that also included the likes of Bane, Scarecrow and Gorilla Grodd, today’s footage is the first time fans are able to get a good look at the character’s frosty repertoire. Equipped with his trusty Cold Gun and wrapped in enough layers to survive a prolonged arctic expedition, Captain Cold not only utilizes his weapon as a zoning tool to keep opponents at bay but also as a combo enabler.

Given the character’s relatively un-special characteristics – he won’t be shooting laser beams out of his eyes or flying anytime soon – NetherRealm deserves a pat on the back for the excellent job it’s done in making Captain Cold look fun to play, but really, it’s not altogether that surprising. This is, after all, the same studio that brought us the wonderful Mortal Kombat X, and, by extension, the similarly frosty Sub-Zero, so they’re certainly within their comfort zone with this particular combatant.

The new arrival doesn’t exactly receive a warm welcome by Injustice 2‘s existing cast, however, especially from Green Arrow, who sends more than just a few verbal assaults in his direction. The archer’s forced to eat those words shortly after though, as Cold’s finisher sees him entombed below several feet of thick snow before he’s even able to let loose an arrow.

Captain Cold is just the latest addition to Injustice 2‘s ever-growing cast of characters and will no doubt make choosing your favorite fighter just that little bit tougher come May 16, when the beat ’em up launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.