Castlevania Requiem Classics Compilation Is Getting A Limited Edition Physical Release


Despite being two of the most popular and revered video game franchises of all time, Castlevania and Silent Hill are currently dead in the water. For reasons unknown, publisher Konami has opted not to invest resources in revitalizing either series, seemingly preferring instead to deliver an altogether different type of gaming experience with only tenuous links to the source material. The absence has unsurprisingly soured public perception of the Japanese company, which essentially hasn’t launched a major title since 2018’s middling Metal Gear Survive.

While some semblance of hope exists for Silent Hill due to persistent rumors of a reboot being in the works, Castlevania isn’t so fortunate. Until recently, Netflix’s animated show based on the Gothic horror action-adventure had kept appetites somewhat satiated, but with that spinoff now concluded in lieu of season 4’s debut earlier this year, the future’s looking bleaker than Dracula’s castle.

To help fill the void until the Belmont family returns, though, Limited Run Games has revealed plans to release physical copies of some classic entries in the series. And you can check out the teaser for yourself below.

Widely considered by fans and critics alike to represent the IP’s golden years, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood (later sold together as Requiem for PlayStation 4) will again be paired for this collector’s edition. Given its reputation for delivering quality products, anyone interested in securing their own copy of Requiem should keep one eye fixed on Limited Run’s website, as high profile releases such as these often fly off the shelf, so to speak.

Pre-order dates are TBA, but in the meantime, the company’s Castlevania: Anniversary Collection is still up for grabs, with all purchases prior to June 27th guaranteed. Hit the link below for more details.