CD Projekt RED Rules Out Witcher 4 Reveal At WitcherCon Convention


If you, like thousands of other fans, intend to tune in to this year’s WitcherCon with the hopes of catching a glimpse of CD Projekt RED’s next installment in The Witcher series, it might be worth tempering those expectations now, or else you’re guaranteed to come away disappointed. That is, of course, assuming the developer isn’t playing the long con and intentionally trying to throw gamers off the scent, as it has clearly stated over on the convention’s official website that neither The Witcher 4 nor any new title, for that matter, will make its debut at the event.

An unfortunate turn of events, then, though it’s worth noting that the inaugural celebration of Andrzej Sapkowski’s acclaimed series will have plenty of other surprises to share, chief among them being more details for the live-action adaptation’s upcoming second season on Netflix.

Audiences can no doubt expect to feast their eyes on an official trailer or at the very least a handful of teasers showing off some characters and locations known to be showing up in the follow-up set of episodes, which will mark the return of headline star Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. While plot details remain slim, stills taken from location filming heavily suggest that the Wild Hunt, a primary antagonist in the books, will be stirring up trouble on the Continent, as too, will the Nilfgaardian Empire.

WitcherCon kicks off next week, July 9th and as always, you can rest assured that we’ll be covering all the big reveals as and when they break, so stay tuned on that front. As for The Witcher 4, recent estimates put forward following consideration of rumors have earmarked it for a 2025 launch. See here for all the latest developments.