The Witcher Season 2 Has Reportedly Cast A Major Villain

The Witcher

Netflix has reportedly cast an actor to play one of The Witcher‘s central antagonists.

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, British star Sam Hazeldine will assume the role of Eredin in season 2 of the hit show, a name which fans of CD Projekt RED’s video game series as well as Andrzej Sapkowski’s original books will undoubtedly be overly familiar with. Alongside his fellow elves, Eredin is the leader of a roaming cavalry known as the Red Riders, soldiers able to travel between worlds with the sole aim of kidnapping humans and other humanoid creatures and forcing them into slavery.

Due to a cataclysmic event referred to as the Conjunction of the Spheres, Eredin’s people and their homeworld would eventually come to be dominated by man, resulting in a deep-seated hatred of the race. Eredin takes a particular interest in Ciri throughout the course of her journey, bringing him into direct conflict with Geralt of Rivia on several occasions.

How the story unfolds from there, we won’t spoil, but suffice it to say, the Red Riders’ (also known as the Wild Hunt) leader plays an integral role in Geralt’s tale, and it’ll be interesting to see just how closely Netflix’s adaptation follows the source material. Redanian Intelligence also mentions several other castings, including Niamh McCormack as Lara Dorren, Ann Firbank as Ithlinne and Ed Birch as King Vizimir, though in what capacity these characters will be present remains unclear. Considering the exponential expansion of cast members for season 2, however, we wouldn’t at all be surprised if some of these were intended to have minor introductory roles as a setup for the future.

As for when you can finally expect to see Henry Cavill don the wig and return as The Witcher‘s titular protagonist, a date has yet to be confirmed, though with production now concluded, there shouldn’t be much longer to wait. Stay tuned for further details.