CG Trailer For Just Cause 3 Sees Rico Rodriguez Set The World Alight


Avalanche Studios is taking strides to ensure that Just Cause 3 sends off 2015 with a bang when it launches next month, releasing the second trailer for the open-world shooter in as many days.

While yesterday’s sizzle reel showcased the blockbuster sequel in 4K resolution, cranking up just about every visual setting up the absolute maximum (see the PC clip in question below), the latest trailer is tailor-made for a wider audience. Featuring the music of popular English rock band Kasabian, the CG trailer will likely make an appearance as a TV spot in the coming weeks, as the studio adds the final touches to Just Cause 3 in the build-up to launch.

Multiplayer won’t be one of those last-minute additions, though, with the creative team revealing that while the notion of adding a multiplayer component was considered, the retail copy of Just Cause 3 launching next month won’t include one. That doesn’t rule out the feature entirely, with Avalanche remaining open to adding multiplayer in further down the line or, in the vein of Just Cause 2, nurture and maintain a modding community to patch in the online feature for them.

We did talk about it a lot. The modding community even created a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 that was super fun, really cool. The same way that Just Cause 2 was known as a beautiful sandbox in a giant open world, and it surprised many people that consoles could even do that, we wanted to have that same experience… with updated physics and player mechanics, and concentrate first and foremost in the main player.

Just Cause 3 will bring its reign of destruction to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1, where it launch opposite Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. But which title will pull in the bigger audience? We’ll find out very soon indeed.