Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges


Battle Pass owner or not, Fortnite‘s shopping list-length of weekly challenges to complete at the commencement of every new season is always great fun. With Season 8 all about peg-legged pirates and their beloved pastime of searching for buried treasure, it’s with little surprise that the battle royale’s current Battle Pass has a suitably swashbuckling theme to match. So far, Battle Island regulars have been tasked with visiting pirate camps and locating heavy-duty cannons all while evading the path of other players, but now week 2 has arrived, and we all know what that entails.

Reliable as always, Fortnite Insider has put together a brand new cheat sheet to coincide with the fresh set of week 2 challenges, handily marking those tasks that require seeking out specific items or journeying to far-out parts of the map. See for yourself below and thank us later.

The two specific challenges you’ll be wanting to reference the map for this time around are dealing damage to other players with a pirate cannon and visiting the furthest north, south, east and west points of Battle Island. It’s worthwhile to note that completing the former challenge doesn’t require using a specific cannon, so your best course of action will be to seek out one which is outside the circle’s proximity as a means of avoiding competition (and taking a cannonball to the face yourself). In regards to the challenges not noted on the cheat sheet, most are self-explanatory (e.g. eliminate players at X location) and only require a skilled trigger finger to complete.

That about wraps up everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 8’s second round of challenges, but there are certainly plenty more reasons to keep playing beyond the weekly Battle Pass commitment. After all, as part of yesterday’s update, Epic introduced the mysterious treasure maps, as well as a new limited-time mode, and you can see here for all the details.