Latest Fortnite Update Adds Buried Treasure; New Limited Time Mode Available


Given the new theme that Fortnite developer Epic Games has decided to go with for the battle royale’s eighth season, the introduction of genuine treasure hunting activities has only been a matter of time. As it turns out, today is the day when players gliding onto Battle Island can get to seeking out their own ‘X’ on the map, which, if you’re lucky enough, will yield all sorts of lucrative goodies.

As per the official news post, to go about unearthing your own cache of plunder in-game, you’ll first have to get hold of a treasure map. Both overworld chests and scrounging through floor loot can yield the legendary-rarity maps, which will then loosely direct you to a long-ago buried treasure trove.

Do note, however, that Epic has enforced some rules on the activity. Most importantly, only one map can be held at a time, so attempting to stock up on multiple is a fool’s errand. Assuming your cartography skills are on point and you find the sweet spot marked on the map though, all of the loot will be yours for the taking. What, exactly, you’ll find inside, Epic’s not telling, but it does promise that all of each cache’s content will be of legendary rarity, so the side activity is certainly worth your attention.

Outside of all the treasure talk, patch 8.01 also brings with it a series of other welcome additions, including Vault changes, weapon availability changes and a new limited time mode in the form of Slide Duos. As is par for the course for Fortnite‘s extracurricular activities, expect the standard ruleset to be turned on its head.

For those of you still struggling to chip away at Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Pass challenges before starting the treasure hunt, fear not. You can head through here for our rundown of every Week 1 challenge and how to complete them.

Source: Epic Games

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