Grand Theft Auto 6 Voice Actor Denies Return, Rages At Rockstar Games


For reasons entirely unknown to anyone but the rapper himself, Young Maylay seemingly has some serious issues with Rockstar Games.

The musician, who voiced protagonist CJ in 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, decided to take some time out from his own New Year celebrations to go on a massive rant aimed towards the developer. Addressing fans and followers on Instagram, Maylay, real name Chris Bellard, kicked off his tirade against the studio by denying any involvement with Grand Theft Auto 6. “To kill the rumors! I’m not involved in GTA VI at all.”

A short, simple and perfectly courteous response, then, but clearly unable to contain their frustration any longer, Maylay continues with “F**k @Rockstargames period,” adding “CJ will have to be voiced by another MF but not me IDGAF what y’all heard.” We’ll refrain from spelling out those abbreviations which, as if it wasn’t already obvious, consist almost exclusively of expletives.

Unsurprisingly, fans quickly responded to Maylay’s outburst with queries regarding the apparent bad blood between himself and Rockstar, only to be answered with several similarly explicit responses. Maylay deeming it necessary to start verbally abusing his own fans over an apparent falling out with Rockstar is bizarre, to say the least, with some believing the criticism is the result of a long-running payment dispute between the two parties.

Alternatively, Maylay could be performing the most genius con of his life and pretending to have a meltdown on social media in order to distract from his involvement in Grand Theft Auto 6. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to believe that, the likelihood is simply that he has long-standing grievances with his former employer.

As for Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar still has yet to confirm the sequel. If recent developments are any indication, however, fans may not have to wait much longer for an official announcement. See here for all the full story.

Source: YouTube