Rockstar May’ve Accidentally Revealed The Setting Of Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6

The first solid details for Grand Theft Auto 6 may finally have been revealed and by Rockstar itself, no less.

For a while now, fans have been hypothesizing that the series’ unannounced sixth installment will not only make a return trip to Vice City but also explore the wider Americas. The speculation has surfaced, not just as a result of unverified rumors, but hints supposedly provided by the developer itself in Grand Theft Auto V‘s massively multiplayer online component. Both Colombia and the Caribbean have been name-dropped in such a manner, the latest having been spotted in a short trailer for GTA Online‘s new Diamond Casino heist.

Now, however, the plot has thickened with credible evidence to support such suspicions. A specific image, posted on Twitter by a Rockstar employee appears to support all of the existing hearsay concerning GTA 6‘s setting. Check it out below:

A seemingly innocent enough image by itself, but look closer. Some of the badges depicted are adorned with Rockstar’s iconic logo and stitched over the top of two flags. For those that slept through their school geography classes, those colors belong to none other than Colombia and Carribean country Jamaica.

Coming as no surprise whatsoever, fans have been quick to jump on the supposed blunder, with Hazebuster2708 noting over on Reddit that the Rockstar employee in question has since made their profile private. A telling development, then, and as much as we’d love to label this indirect confirmation of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s setting, we’ve no choice but to refrain from doing so until confirmed via official channels.

There is, of course, every chance that Rockstar, aware of the current rumors floating about, has intentionally staged this event in order to throw fans off the scent, but that seems incredibly unlikely. With any luck, fans will get the long awaited reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6 sometime in 2020. Fingers crossed!