How To Claim Your 10 Free PlayStation Play At Home Games

Horizon Zero Dawn

While restrictions put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 are gradually beginning to relax around the world, Sony is making sure those still affected have something to keep themselves occupied with while stuck indoors. Last month, the company confirmed that its Play At Home campaign would be making a return throughout 2021, once again offering a sizable batch of free games for all owners of PlayStation consoles to enjoy. Regardless of whether you’re sticking with last-gen or have managed to secure an elusive PS5, there are nine titles currently up for grabs, with a tenth coming soon.

All of these cost absolutely nothing to obtain (PlayStation Plus not required) and are yours to keep forever, regardless of subscription status. With that said, however, modern gaming is incredibly demanding as far as hard drive space is concerned, so is it really feasible to add each one to your likely densely populated library? The answer is yes, though those short on space may have to make some small compromises.

In short, Sony doesn’t require users of its platforms to fully download software for it to be considered as ‘owned.’ That being the case, one need only hit purchase on any participating Play at Home title and then navigate to their respective console’s download management menu to cancel the process. This will tag the game as owned, meaning it can then be re-obtained at a later date without having to spend a penny. This is a terrific method of ensuring you don’t miss a single freebie thrown your way and a means to ensure you have the space to grab Guerilla Games’ massive Horizon Zero Dawn when it joins the promotion in April.

Speaking of the month ahead, Sony may have already let slip some of the content coming with the usual PlayStation Plus reset in just a matter of days. See here for all the details and to browse the games currently being offered for the Play At Home promotion, hit the link below.