New Resident Evil 2 Mod Shows What Happens When Claire Gets Angry


The remake of Resident Evil 2 may have been released just over one month ago, but we’re already losing count of how many mods are out there. Though some have made the game all the more terrifying and challenging (ten Mr. X Tyrants, anyone?), others can make you laugh your ass off (“Beachboy” Mr. X is a fine example of just that). Suffice it to say, today’s topic leans toward the latter.

If you’ve played the game for yourself by now, then you’ve probably noticed how your character will often react to their surrounding environment by commenting in some fashion. This was an element absent from the 1998 original that I believe lends even more realism to the modernized version. In short, it’s not uncommon to hear Leon or Claire say something colorful because, after all, they are experiencing a zombie crisis firsthand.

In fact, there’ll be more than a few times when they’ll use foul language, which is something I’d most certainly do if placed in that situation. And funny enough, there’s a new mod floating around that allows you to hear those expletives all the more often. Thanks to the YouTube video found below, we can take in FluffyQuack‘s mod showing off one angry Claire Redfield.

Now, some of the things she shouts aren’t all that bad, such as “seriously?!” But once I hear her channeling the spirit of Dean Winchester with a hearty “son of a bitch!,” well, then I can’t help cracking a smile. And yes, there are a good amount of F-bombs thrown in for good measure, too, proving it’s not just Chief Irons or Annette Birkin who can be on the receiving end of a verbal thrashing.

Still, nothing seen here in Resident Evil 2 can quite top anything gifted to us by Moira Burton in Revelations 2. Granted, that was a good game in its own right, but she’s the reigning Pottymouth Queen in this franchise, and it’s best you experience her for yourself if you haven’t already. I doubt I’ll ever forget her immortal one-liner, “go jump on a dildo, boss!”