Mr. X Wears A Thong In Hilarious New Resident Evil 2 Mod

Resident Evil 2

Though the Resident Evil 2 remake has been on store shelves for less than one month, the modding community have already found a variety of ways to impress us. So far, we’ve seen Leon and Claire getting Dino Crisis-themed makeovers, perspective switched from third to first person, and even Mr. X being swapped out for Nemesis.

In my view, each of those are awesome in their own right, but what we’re going to discuss today may take the cake. Believe it or not, somebody has actually managed to strip away Mr. X’s stylish trench coast, effectively turning him into a “Beachboy.” As such, he now dons a thong bearing the Umbrella Corporation logo, flip flops and sunglasses. And in case you were wondering, his shades can be removed by gunfire.

Found below is a hilarious video uploaded to Residence of Evil’s YouTube channel in which we see the Tyrant himself stalking our hero at various points throughout the game. Normally, gamers would be pooping themselves whenever he shows up, but this time around, you can’t help laughing when confronted by him. Conversely, it could be argued by some that this is even scarier because you’ve got this gigantic guy in a thong out for your blood.

There is a downside, however, and that comes during the final boss fight. Since the “Super Tyrant” is a different skin entirely, you’re not going to be able to fire your rocket launcher at his exposed buns. Instead, you’re still going to see him in the tattered coat and pants. But as the video’s host said, this could be fixed in due time.

Right now, I can only wonder what kind of other insane mods await Resident Evil 2 in the near future. There are obvious things such as having Leon and Claire looking like their counterparts in RE 4, RE 6, CODE: Veronica and Revelations 2. But on the other hand, someone could make Mr. X look like Homer Simpson. You never know.

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