Did Codemasters Tease The Existence Of DiRT 4?


Codemasters may have whimsically teased the existence of DiRT 4, by using the series’ official Twitter account. However, with little to go on we’re simply unsure at this moment.

Yesterday, DiRT‘s Twitter feed was updated with a very brief post featuring the number four. That was all, but it was enough to get the minds of gamers everywhere spinning about the possibility of a fourth game in the action sports racing franchise. It was then followed up by an apology, which stated that the person behind the account had accidentally tweeted the number. His finger had simply slipped.

The following post expanded upon the, “My finger slipped” defence, by stating that what they were trying to say was that four DiRT 3 prize packs were being made available to followers. As such, who really knows at this point? Other than Codemasters, that is.

Here’s hoping that DiRT 4 is in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, because the previous games were always a lot of fun to play. The popular series has been missing in action since 2011, and a return would certainly be welcomed.

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