Confirmed: P.T. Can’t Be Downloaded Or Transferred On PS5


If you were thinking of ditching your PlayStation 4 in favor of upgrading to next-gen hardware, you might want to consider saving your console for the time being, especially if you want to revisit one of the most infamous “games” from the past few years.

Of course, we’re talking about P.T., the beloved demo from Hideo Kojima, which was meant to serve as a concept for a Silent Hill title being developed by the legendary designer in conjunction with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, after Kojima parted ways with publisher Konami, the latter decided to adopt a scorched-earth policy, going so far as to completely remove P.T. from Sony’s servers, making it “impossible” to re-download or add it to your existing PS4 library.

Of course, some intrepid fans found a couple of workarounds, and before long, it was entirely possible to re-download the game as long as you had added it to your library before Konami had pulled the plug on it. With the PlayStation 5’s launch just around the corner, a few outlets began reporting that P.T. wouldn’t be playable on Sony’s new hardware, but fans still held out hope that it could be transferred or re-downloaded in some fashion.

Unfortunately, however, we’re here to burst that bubble. Having spent some time tooling around on a retail console, we can now confirm that P.T. is not able to be installed on the PlayStation 5. While it will show up in your library (assuming you sign in with your existing PSN account), it can’t be selected or accessed in any way, which prevents users from even reaching a theoretical “download” screen.

And for those who were thinking of transferring it from their PS4 as part of a data transfer, you’re out of luck. We tried that, and when you reach the menu for selecting which games you’d like to move from your PS4 to your PS5, P.T. is grayed out and can’t be selected.

So, unless someone develops a clever workaround in the future, for the time being, you might want to hold off on getting rid of your PS4. Of course, if you have a PC, there are still other, unofficial ways of reliving the P.T. experience.