P.T. Has Been Remade In Doom, And It Looks Amazing


Now here’s a bizarre crossover we never expected to see.

Despite being six years old, P.T., Hideo Kojima’s lauded concept demo for Silent Hills (the latter of which was cancelled when he parted ways with publisher Konami), continues to serve as a benchmark against which contemporary horror games are compared to to gauge scare factor. It goes without saying, of course, that fear is a subjective concept, but in terms of popular opinion, Kojima’s brief-but-memorable contribution to the genre has certainly redefined expectations, to say the least.

That being the case, it’s hardly surprising that fans of the title – which Sony recently confirmed won’t be accessible on PlayStation 5, regardless of whether you still own the demo or not – have spent untold measures of time recreating the experience in myriad different ways, though this latest interpretation certainly takes the cake, so to speak, for being the most creative. Using id Software’s original 27-year-old Doom engine, talented modder Batandy has rebuilt P.T.‘s foreboding setting brick by brick, and you can check out some screenshots of the project below.

A fantastic tribute, then, and while you’d think a down scaled version of P.T. would make it a far less tense experience, one look at the trailer (link below) is all the proof we need, in order to confidently say the ill-fated reboot is terrifying regardless of visual fidelity. Sadly, P.T. still remains the most recent release based on the Silent Hill IP, though if what we’ve been hearing recently is any indication, that could all be about to change.

According to one tipster, in fact, Sony might be planning to reveal a brand new entry in the franchise at this year’s Game Awards. See here for the full story.