Costume Pack DLC Now Available For Guacamelee

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 2

The first pack of downloadable content for Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee is now officially available on PlayStation Network for $1.99 in North America after initially being pulled due to technical problems, and will soon launch in Europe for €1.59 or £1.25. Simply titled Costume Pack, the DLC contains three new costumes for players to equip the playable brawlers Juan and Tostada with.

These costumes include the Pollo Luchador chicken suit, which provides regenerating health, a skeleton suit that boosts stamina, and the Identity Swap costumes, which boost the power of each character’s punches while weakening their throw ability. New in-game challenges and PSN trophies are also included with the DLC.

Promotional screenshots and video for the Costume Pack can be viewed below. We will keep you updated regarding any future news regarding Guacamelee. In the meantime, let us know, will you be picking up the new DLC?