Guacamelee Patch & DLC Delayed Due To Glitch


Guacamelee, the side-scrolling ‘Metroidvania’ action-adventure title from Drinkbox Studios for PS3 & PS Vita, was released in April to a positive reception. Now, a new patch and some downloadable costumes are prepped for release – and they were in fact scheduled to be part of today’s PlayStation Store update.

Unfortunately, Drinkbox discovered that players are reporting a major issue after downloading the patch, which was initially released earlier today. If players have a save file that takes place after obtaining the “Pollo Power” and downloaded the patch, they would find themselves unable to switch back to a luchador after pulling off the move that transforms their character into a chicken, which can be used to navigate small and normally inaccessible corridors.

The studio had plans to release a costume pack for $1.99 along with some new in-game trophies to earn with the patch, but these have been put on hold until they can sort out the technical issues and upload a patch that works properly. No date has been given, but the developers did confirm that there is a workaround for those who did install the patch before it was pulled. Simply save your game (and upload the save to Cloud storage on the Vita version, as deleting the game also deletes save data) and delete the game itself, then re-download it for things to run normally.

We will keep you updated on more Guacamelee news as it develops.