CounterSpy Sneaks Onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 And PlayStation Vita On August 19

counterspy 01

Revealed back in 2013, Dynamighty and Sony have revealed that the Cold War-inspired CounterSpy will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 19.

A 2D sidescroller, CounterSpy is, as you probably figured, about the secret world of espionage. Players will step into the shoes of a secret agent tasked with infiltrating the missile silos of an opposing world power. Our long-limbed protagonist is the last line of defense against the impending nuclear holocaust.

While development duties were mostly handled by the team at Dynamighthy, which is comprised of ex-LucasArts and Pixar talent, assistance was also provided by SCE Foster City Studio. A branch of Sony Computer Entertainment, the Foster City Studio has provided support for just about every major Sony franchise in the last console generation, including the Uncharted and inFamous franchises.

I’m liking everything I have seen from CounterSpy so far, as it combines two things I have a genuine interest in: Cold War politics and pseudo-2D platforming. You don’t take a class called The History of the Cold War in college and walk away from it not being at least kind of intrigued about the era. It also doesn’t hurt that the titles unique art style instantly make it stand out among similar titles.

CounterSpy will carry a cost of $15 when it drops in August on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The espionage thriller will also be a Cross-Buy and Cross-Save title, which means your saves will be transferable between the various Sony family of consoles, and is also a part of the PlayStation PLAY 2014 event, which offers discounts on select titles.

Source: Joystiq